Discover the amazing wildlife of Doomadgee

Doomadgee is known for its rich Indigenous history and surrounding natural wonders.

But while the wildlife of Doomadgee may be a lesser-known attraction, they are well worth checking out.


wildlife of Doomadgee
A Cherabin © Citron


Nicholson River


The Nicholson River flows through both the Northern Territory and Queensland. Passionate fishers will notice populations of large barramundi that frequent the waters, as well as several other fish species. For a more unique animal experience, travel along the banks of the river until you come to a dam or billabong. Here, you may be able to find a Cherabin, a freshwater prawn and bush delicacy able to grow up to 30cm.


Purple-crowned Fairy-wren

Lawn Hill National Park


Lawn Hill National Park has been a popular tourist destination for years, and a favourite of birdwatchers thanks to its large population of rare birds including the purple-crowned-fairy-wren. Taking a walking path via the sandstone and limestone gorges offers the chance to spot other local wildlife such as the rock ringtail possum. In the waters, you may see a Johnston Crocodile, so keep an eye out.

Beyond just resident animals, Lawn Hill is an important spot for migrating birds. Many species will pass through here on their migration journey, meaning birdwatchers have the chance to see a large selection of native birds. For some of the best wildlife of Doomadgee, it’s hard to look past this fantastic national park.


wildlife of Doomadgee
Mornington Island is a great place to spot fish


Mornington Island


A short trip from Doomadgee, Mornington Island is known for its rich Indigenous culture and amazing ocean views. For those seeking animal encounters, the waters around Mornington Island have everything from Coral Trout to Parrot Fish and Cod. The island itself is home to many native animals, but it’s the fish that people really come for. Several companies provide guided fishing tours, taking you out into the open water and teaching you how to catch these ocean wonders.




Hell’s Gate


Hell’s Gate is a popular lookout over the flood plains of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It’s one of the world’s oldest landscapes, rich with flora and fauna unlike those you will find anywhere else. Visitors can stop by Hell’s Gate Roadhouse for classic outback hospitality and delicious food. However, the roadhouse is also the main launch site for helicopter tours which can take you around Cliffdale Station and off the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria. This gives you a unique perspective on the landscape below, and it’s the perfect opportunity to see Australia’s wildlife from new heights. You can also choose to join a fishing day trip, where you will touch down for a bit of fishing and the chance to see some other local wildlife in their natural habitats.


Getting to Doomadgee


Rex Airlines now offers direct flights to Doomadgee. To find out more you can head to their website or take a look at the route map below.



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