Visit Doomadgee | Top 6 things to do for a cultural fix

Welcome to the traditional homelands of The Gangalidda, Waanyi, Garrawa and Yunjulla people: Doomadgee.


Visit Doomadgee, a township of approximately 2,000, is the last (or first depending on your way of travel) township on the Queensland section of the Savannah Way and is only 140 km from the Northern Territory border in the lower Gulf of Carpentaria.

It’s a mere 2,198 km from Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city. Most pass through on route to the Gulf of Carpentaria on route for a fabulous fishing expedition or maybe to glide the Morning Glory or explore southern natures wonders.


Visit Doomadgee
Adels Grove © Tourism and Events Queensland


Doomadgee comes from “Dumaji”, a word in the Gangalidda language describing a coastal sandy mound. The Doomadgee community is progressively developing and proud to showcase a robust and vibrant culture along with a warm welcome.

With access to the coast, freshwater rivers, Lawn Hill National Park the region has a rich cultural history, along with being an angler’s heaven and nature lover’s delight. Doomadgee is a gateway to the far north of Outback Queensland and its gems.

Services in Doomadgee include a general store stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables and a roadhouse with take-away and fuel. There is accommodation available in the Council run guest house. Please call (07) 4745 8235 in advance. Alcohol limits apply within the Doomadgee Shire and are limited to mid-strength beer only.

Come venture into this far north-western paradise.


In and around Doomadgee


Kayaking through the gorge © Tourism and Events Queensland


The beautiful Nicholson River

The township of Doomadgee lies alongside the picturesque Nicholson River. Rising in the Barkly Tableland in the Northern Territory, 300 kilometres northwest of Camooweal, this river offers anglers catches of Barramundi, Salmon catfish, Sooty Grunter and Brim, for starters. Crayfish (aka red claw) are prevalent and for something very special, pot a unique freshwater prawn called the Cherabin. This is known as a bush delicacy and can be found in most fresh waterways of the Gulf and Cape. These beauties can grow to 30 cm in length, so pop in a pot to test your luck.


Visit Doomadgee
Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park © Tourism and Events Queensland


The Doomadgee Rodeo

Held annually in August, the community is eagerly looking forward to the return of this local highlight on the social calendar across the Gulf. The rodeo draws competitors from all around Queensland. There’s an Open Bullock, Station Buck and Jump and Novice Bull rides while the Ladies’ Steer Ride and Potty Ride attract a lot of attention, plus there’s the crowning of the rodeo queen.


Head out and view Hell’s Gate

The name refers to a small gap in the escarpment of the spectacular eastern Barkly Tablelands through which the road passes, only a kilometre south of Hell’s Gate Roadhouse.

The roadhouse, on ‘Cliffdale Station’, is open from April to November and has all forms of accommodation and the best tips for exploring this remarkable area.

Top tip: Take a scenic flight

Fish Mornington Island

The reefs around this idyllic island are snapping with Red Emperor, Sweetlip, Coral Trout, Parrot Fish and Cod. Plus, there’s Barracuda, Mackerel, Tuna, Queenfish, Salmon, Giant Herring, Cobia and Giant Trevally, so you are not left wanting. Charter flights and guided tours are available.


Time your visit for some Morning Glory

Burketown is home to the morning glory, a rare meteorological phenomenon that creates amazing cloud formations from late September to early November.

It’s sometimes called a ‘wave cloud’, and they can come in multiples of rolling clouds. The Gulf of Carpentaria is the only known location where this rare atmospheric wonder can be almost predicted and observed.


Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park and Adel’s Grove


Visit Doomadgee
Boodjamulla National Park © Tourism and Events Queensland

Travel south-west and your first stop should be Adel’s Grove, part of the mighty Boodjamulla National Park. Boodjamulla forms part of the World Heritage Riversleigh Fossil area and has so much to offer. There’s walks, lookouts, guided tours, canoeing, and if you are a lover of nature, you won’t want to leave Boodjamulla’, meaning Rainbow Serpent Country in the local indigenous language.
We can recommend a cruise through the towering ochre weathered colours cliffs, best done at sunset, and taking one of the numerous hiking trails to a cool pool for a refreshing dip.

Tip: Visit the Lawn Hill Gorge Visitor Centre – a great place for more history and information on the region and pre-book for any guided tours.


How to visit Doomadgee?


If you want to visit Doomadgee, Rex airlines fly there on their Gulf line.

See the map below and click here to book your flights;


Visit Doomadgee on the Gulf line (pink) from Cairns

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