8 stellar spots to stargaze in and around Sydney

stargaze in and around Sydney

These are our top spots to experience a dazzling stargazing experience, in both observatories and in national parks.


Look through state-of-the-art telescopes, or bring your own to stargaze in and around Sydney to see the wonders of the night sky in a different light.   

Opening Image: Blue Moutains stargazing / Destination NSW


Sydney Observatory

Millers Point

Located in the heart of Sydney, the night shines brightly at the Sydney Observatory. This heritage-listed scientific site is open from Wednesday through to Saturday, and guided tours take guests up charming spiral staircases that lead to the observatory’s preserved domes. The observatory stands on the highest natural area in Sydney Cove, allowing guests to see stars over Sydney Harbour. After stargazing you can peruse part of the Powerhouse Museum to learn about astronomy and the observatory’s Indigenous and historical significance. Family and accessibility tours ensure all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. 


stargaze in and around Sydney
The Sydney Observatory sits on Millers Point to stargaze in and around Sydney / Getty Images

Green Point Observatory

Oyster Bay

The Green Point Observatory combines both education and stargazing experiences in the Sutherland Shire. The observatory offers public open nights, astronomy courses and speakers hosted by the Sutherland Astronomical Society to encourage people of all ages to enjoy the night sky. Guests can look through the 41cm Selby and 35cm Napier telescopes to gaze at Saturn, moons and nebulae, while there are also smaller telescopes available for viewing. Group bookings offer a tour, informational presentation and view of all large telescopes. Junior gazing activities enable younger children and families to enjoy the space as well.  


stargaze in and near Sydney
Astronomer looking through a telescope at the night sky and nebula to stargaze in and around Sydney / Getty Images


Macquarie University Astronomical Observatory

Macquarie Park 

The Macquarie University Astronomical Observatory encourages both amateur and experienced stargazers to come out and marvel at our planets. Every Friday and Saturday night guests can observe stars out of their 41cm, 30cm and portable telescopes. The university also houses a 40-seat planetarium where guests can view up-close surfaces of the planets and deep sky objects, regardless of the weather. Inside the planetarium, visitors can take a guided tour of our solar system and attend presentations tailored to interests or age groups. Viewing Mars from this location is a popular drawcard. Is there life out there or not?    


stargaze in and around Sydney
Astronomer holding and looking through a telescope at the starry skies  to stargaze in and around Sydney / Getty Images


Linden Observatory


Located in the spectacular Blue Mountains (an hour and a half from Sydney) Linden Observatory offers an intimate viewing of terrestrial objects in a secluded area – it is a place where guests can step back in time and explore the night sky with seasoned astronomers. Participants must be 12 years of age or older and book their visit through the Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group. The grounds include the old 61cm Beames’ Observatory handcrafted telescope and workshop from 1948, the Evens 76cm Telescope, and observing fields for setting up your own. Away from the bright city lights, the night sky seems even more full of endless possibilities and discoveries.


stargaze in Sydney
Person looking through a telescope in the Blue Mountains to stargaze in and around Sydney / Destination NSW


 Blue Mountains National Park


As the light fades, the night sky comes to life over the sandstone cliffs and ancient forests of the Blue Mountains National Park. Whether you partake in one of the many park tours that aid you in exploring the night sky or it’s just you and your telescope, the Blue Mountains have some awesome viewing spots. Lincoln’s Rock in Wentworth Falls and Hargraves Lookout at Blackheath both have 180-degree clear sky views, and if you get there at dusk you can also snap an excellent sunset pic. Stargazing tours introduce you to the history of the mountains, the southern sky constellations, as well as acknowledge the stargazing knowledge of the local Gundungurra and Dharug peoples.  


stargazing in and around Sydney
Starry views from Lincolns Rock in Wentworth Falls to stargaze in and around Sydney / Destination NSW


Royal National Park


As the second-oldest national park in the world, the Royal National Park holds the crown for being one of the most popular stargazing locations in Australia. Since its establishment in 1879, people from all over the world flock to its diverse landscapes and vast starry skies. The winter months are the best time to see the constellations due to better visibility. The park’s location means it has low levels of air and light pollution making it the perfect spot to watch stars from the coastal cliffs. The Bald Hill and Otford lookouts that sit on the far south end of the park provide excellent views of both the coastline and the night sky for all your gazing needs.  


stargaze in and around Sydney
The night sky to stargaze in and around Sydney over Wattamolla Beach, Royal National Park / Destination NSW

Bouddi National Park


Bouddi National Park is known for its stunningly patterned sandstone cliffs that catch the light spectacularly when the sun goes down. The dense rainforest and dark bushland creates the perfect environment for spotting constellations. A long wooden boardwalk takes you to Gerrin Point Lookout – the best stargazing area in the park – where you can stargaze while listening to waves crash upon the shore. From here, there are amazing panoramic views over Maitland Bay on the Bouddi coastal walk. If you have your own telescope, the Bombi Moor Circuit has many flat spots ideal for you to set up and explore the night sky. 


Stargaze in and around Sydney
Night turning into day over the patterned pavement in Bouddi National Park / Destination NSW


Mount Ku-ring-gai Oval in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Mount Kuring-Gai Park, Flanders Ave, Mount Kuring-gai 

This spot is considered a bit of a local secret. On the far southwest side of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park sits Mount Ku-ring-gai Oval. The flat circular cricket and football field, although next to the M1 highway, is a popular stargazing spot due to the dense bushland surrounding it, allowing for clearer view of the night sky, and ease of accessibility. The field is the perfect spot to put down a blanket and set up your telescope. In the summer months you can see the well-known constellation Orion right above the field. 


Stargaze in and around Sydney

The constellation Orion in the night sky to stargaze in and around Sydney / Getty Images


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