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restaurants in adelaide

Adelaide is no stranger to great food and exceptional drinks. We’ve rounded up some of the top restaurants in Adelaide – including some new faces and old favourites – for your next culinary tour of the town.


Whether you’re up for some tasty Thai food, handmade pasta and delectable wine, or ethereal fine-dining creations, these restaurants in Adelaide will have you sorted.

Opener: Osteria Oggi. Image: Jonathan van der Knaap.


Press* Food & Wine. Image: Duy Dash.



Press* Food & Wine

Press* Food & Wine is a pioneer in the Adelaide dining scene, and offers a modern European culinary experience with a focus on sustainable South Australian produce. The recent revamp, led by Executive Chef Tom Tilbury, brings a touch of sophistication with an elegant bar and intimate seating. Whether indulging in the famous Press Burger or savouring seasonal cocktails, a visit to Press* Food & Wine is always a memorable night out. Make sure to tackle the epic wine list, which boasts over 500 selections (!), with the help of the knowledgable staff.  


Restaurant Botanic. Image: Jonathan van der Knaap.


Restaurant Botanic

Formerly known as Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Restaurant Botanic has undergone a stunning transformation. The redesigned space, inspired by nature, provides an atmospheric backdrop to a dining experience unlike any other. The tasting menu, with its focus on locally sourced ingredients and open-fire cooking techniques, presents over 26 different flavour combinations. From “wagyu on a pine branch with illawarra plum and eucalyptus” to “roasted crocodile tail and daikon broth with toasted oak” to the straightforwardly named “lick the rock,” each dish and drink reflects a commitment to innovation and quality. 


Sunny’s Shop. Image: Julian Cebo.


Sunny’s Shop

For those seeking a vibrant and casual dining experience, Sunny’s Shop delivers an explosion of Asian flavours in the heart of Prospect. Set in a charming Art Deco building, this eatery brings the spirit of Asian street food to Adelaide  From exotic dishes inspired by the beaches of Phuket to friendly service that welcomes families, Sunny’s Shop is a must-visit destination for casual gatherings and fun lunches. Whether enjoying a leisurely meal or grabbing a quick bite, this is a local’s favourite – and soon to be yours too. 


Plus 82 GoGi. Image: South Australian Tourism Commission.


Plus 82 Gogi

Tucked away in Adelaide’s west end, Plus 82 Gogi offers a traditional Korean barbecue experience with a modern twist. With a focus on communal dining, the restaurant invites guests to enjoy a variety of grilled meats and flavourful side dishes. The set menu simplifies the ordering process, allowing diners to focus on choosing their preferred meats for the table grill. Accompanied by an array of banchan and signature sauces, the dining experience at Plus 82 Gogi is certainly a feast for the senses.


Africola. Image: Duy Dash.



Bold flavours and a playful ambiance greet you at Africola, Australia’s most dynamic ‘African-ish’ restaurant. From its beginnings as a South African eatery, Africola has evolved to showcase a variety of cuisines from the continent. Head Chef Lauren Southwell’s menu focuses on fresh produce and bold spices. Whether indulging in crispy chicken tea sandwiches or savouring peri peri chicken with Mpumalanga Fire hot sauce, each dish is unique, creative and delicious.


Osteria Oggi. Image: Duy Dash.


Osteria Oggi

At Osteria Oggi, the art of Italian cuisine takes centre stage. With a focus on sophisticated food with a fresh twist, the restaurant offers a menu that celebrates the rich flavours of Italy. From handmade pasta to wood-smoked meats, each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail. The restaurant’s award-winning interior, designed by Studio-Gram, makes you feel like you’re at an Italian piazza in the heart of the Adelaide CBD – complete with a cobblestone floor, arches, arbour, meat room, private cellar, intimate booth seating and a mezzanine-level kitchen.


Daughter In Law. Image: Duy Dash.


Daughter In Law

Embracing the fusion of Asian and Western influences, Daughter In Law is a self proclaimed “unauthentic Australian Indian bar and restaurant” and one of the more eclectic restaurants in Adelaide. Led by owner and chef Jessi Singh, the restaurant challenges traditional notions of Indian cuisine with bold and innovative dishes: from the iconic Balls of Happiness to Colonel Tso’s Cauliflower. Enjoy a lively atmosphere while perusing the extensive wine list and sip the signature cocktails while you take in the colourful interior adorned with Bollywood filmstars and contemporary Indian music.


Anchovy Bandit. Image: Lewis Potter.


Anchovy Bandit

You’ll find Anchovy Bandit within the Palace Nova cinema complex, and the restaurant has its own fair share of nostalgic charm and modern flair. Led by Executive Chef Shane Wilson, the restaurant combines scrumptious wood-fired pizzas with innovative dishes, such as veal tartare and house-pickled delights. The extensive cocktail list is also inspired by classic movies, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a drink or a meal before heading to the cinema.

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