Quilpie: explore the outback’s hidden gem

Don’t be fooled by Quilpie’s remoteness – there is plenty to do in the outback at the ‘End of the Line.’


Nestled in the seemingly endless outback of South West Queensland is the quaint town of Quilpie. It was founded in 1917 after the arrival of a railway line from Charleville, hence its title as “the end of the line.” Even though the population is just shy of 600 people, there’s no shortage of things to do.


Exploring the Natural Treasures of Quilpie

Grazing and mining drive the town’s economy. Therefore, the region is rich in natural resources, including gas, oil and one of the largest boulder opal deposits in the world.


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There’s plenty to explore on the region’s dinosaur trail, with the tiny township of Eromanga an hour’s drive down the road. Although its population is just over 100 people, Eromanga offers world-class prehistoric and geological experiences for visitors. The Eromanga Natural History Museum showcases a collection of fossils, precious stones, and other natural phenomenons.

The museum is home to the largest dinosaur ever discovered in Australia, Cooper. In his day, he was almost 30 metres in length and weighed between 30 to 40 tonnes.


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Where to stay in Quilpie

When you think of outback accommodations, you might imagine dusty caravan parks and roadside motels. That’s definitely not the case in Quilpie.

For those traveling the dinosaur trail, you can stay on the Eromanga Museum grounds at Cooper’s Country Lodge. Choose between a studio or a family suite to complete your archaeological experience.

Additionally, there’s Moble Homestead in Quilpie, run by the Rutledge family. The land has been in their family for five generations, first purchased by the Rutledge brothers back in 1914. Although it started as a small plot of land alongside Moble Creek, the farm soon became a sprawling estate. Today, the Homestead is home to the current generation – Brian, Kylie and their four daughters. They welcome visitors into their cosy abode and treat them like family.


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“Moble has always been a gathering place throughout the generations,” Kylie explains, “so we knew that opening our doors to visitors would be a strength we could utilise. Our history surrounds us and is a part of the wonderful Moble experience. It was an easy decision to put that to work, and we have welcomed some amazing and interesting people over the past year which, in turn, has rewarded us with a rich experiences as well.”

Across the estate, guests can enjoy strolls around the gardens, bush-walks and wildlife watching – especially birdwatching. Other activities include swimming, canoeing, fishing and sitting around the campfire at night.


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The Homestead offers two huts available for overnight accommodation: the Garden Room and a joint twin-share room. For a minimum five-day stay, check into The Cottage, which is just a short walk across the creek.


The Quilpie Experience

A big part of the Quilpie lifestyle and ethos is sharing seasonal, home-cooked food, surrounded by good company. As expressed by Kylie, “We live in an area that some may consider isolated, and we are adept at making our own fun, so why be dull? We love to gather friends, family and guests around a table or a fire, to share good food and laughter – it’s the basis of a life well lived.”


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Despite its remoteness at “the end of the line”, there’s plenty to do in and around Quilpie. Indulge in sunsets at Cave Hill or have a beer and a yarn with the locals at Toompine Hotel. One thing is for sure: you’ll feel welcomed everywhere you go, as if you’re part of the Quilpie family.


Start your journey at the ‘End of the Line’

To get to Quilpie, you’ll need to fly on Rex Airlines’ Western 2 line.

For more details, click here, and start preparing for your next outback adventure.



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