Top doggy daycares in Perth to pamper your pooch

Traveling and need somewhere for your furry best friend to stay? Here are our top picks of amazing doggy daycares in Perth. Your pooch will have such a blast it might even leave you jealous!


Khatala Pet Lodge

Located in Nambeelup, Khatala Pet Lodge is an African Safari themed hotel for your precious pups to have the vacation of their dreams! All of the beautiful facilities ensure your pup will be stress free without you there. With a private bedroom, limitless play areas, and gourmet meals, your pet will be living its best life while you are away.



The Dog Hotel

Your best friend will receive the highest quality treatment at The Dog Hotel in Southern River. The professional staff will make your pooch feel right at home. They can make new friends, enjoy kennels with beautiful amenities, and play in tons of grassy areas. You can also take advantage of the pet taxi so your pup can enjoy their vacation with a hassle-free journey.



Perth Pet Club Kennel

Your pup will have a blast at the Perth Pet Club Kennel in Treeby. Your best friend can enjoy a spa pool, open grass, and many play spaces, as well as meet new furry friends! On-call vets, background checks, and a loyal staff make this the perfect balance of safe fun. Your pooch will have a great time, and you won’t have to worry about safety.



The Pampered Pooch Motel

Located in Banjup, The Pampered Pooch Motel is exactly what it sounds like.. paradise for your pup! With free training, 24/7 supervision, tons of play space, and the perfect balance of freedom, your pooch won’t want to come home! There are professionals on-site around the clock, ensuring your four-legged friend has a safe and perfect experience. Your pooch couldn’t have a better pampered stay than this!


Check out West Coast Pet Care Center, one of the best doggy daycares in Perth.


West Coast Pet Care Center

West Coast Pet Care in Mariginiup goes above and beyond to ensure your pup has a luxurious time without you. The climate-controlled facility, premium beds, and varying play areas all contribute to your pooch having a blast on their own vacation. You can also take advantage of the grooming services and homemade high-quality treats, available upon request. Your pup will thank you for the fun vacation, so you don’t have to stress about traveling again.


Image courtesy of West Coast Pet Care Center


The Paw House

At the Paw House in Canning Vale, your precious pup will experience nothing but fun and affection. Equipped with trampoline beds, unlimited toys, grassy areas, and more, your pooch is never going to want to leave. They are cared for around the clock and their safety and happiness are guaranteed.



Hi-Five Boarding Kennels

As one of the largest kennels in Western Australia, Hi-Five in Southern River is equipped with anything a pup could need. The outdoor area is expansive and includes a pool for pups to cool off in. There is a vet on call 24/7 and the staff is dedicated to your pooch’s health and safety. Each dog has their own private kennel, but can socialize and make new BFFs if allowed!


Julie’s Kennels is one of the best doggy daycares in Perth!


Julie’s Kennels

Your fluffy friend will receive top-notch care at Julie’s Kennels in Malaga, so you can be at ease while traveling. Their expert staff will have plenty of room to play, enjoy yummy meals and experience constant care from dedicated professionals. Any need your pooch has will be met, so don’t stress and enjoy your travel plans. Julie’s Kennels will be the perfect home away from home for your best friend!

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