10 best dog beaches in Perth for fun in the sun

dog beaches in perth

Enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean with your pup from these 10 great dog beaches in Perth that you and your dog are sure to love.


Hillarys Dog Beach, Hillarys

Hillarys Dog Beach is charged with excitement from all types of dogs running along this beach. Hillarys Dog Beach has amenities including a dog wash station, bins along the beach for cleanup and there’s even coffee and dog wash vans that make appearances as well, typically on weekends. There is an adjoining horse beach on the northern side, so be aware of that when you bring your pooch.



Watermans Bay Beach, Watermans Bay

Watermans Bay Beach provides picturesque ocean views for your doggy day out. With rock pools to explore and marine life to discover, you can’t go wrong. There’s also the Little Bay Bar & Eatery nearby for a bite during your excursion.


Bennion Beach, Trigg

Head to Bennion Beach for a day out with your dog. With a car park nearby, head down to the sand for a swim. The isolated location with close proximity to surrounding beaches and a nearby cafe, Yelo, makes Bennion the perfect, private place for you and your pooch.


Cottesloe Beach. Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia.

North Cottesloe Beach, Cottesloe

Relax with your pup at North Cottesloe Beach. The north end of this stretch of shore is quieter than the bustle of the central area and has calm water for you and your dog to enjoy. There’s also plenty of cafes and restaurants along the beach to check out.


Dutch Inn Beach, Cottesloe

Just south of Cottesloe Beach along the shore is Dutch Inn Beach. An easy commute from the centre of the city, it provides a playground and lots of restaurants nearby to entertain the whole family. There’s shallow reefs along the coast to explore as well. 


Woodman Point Beach, Coogee

With a sprawling shoreline to check out, Woodman Point Beach is a great option to take your pet. A part of the Woodman Point Recreation Reserve, the nearby bush walk is a great option as well. Dogs are allowed further south from the jetty and can splash in the waves to their heart’s content.




Woodmont Park, Coogee

Another great dog beach in Perth is Woodmont Park. Across the peninsula from Woodman Point Beach, you and your dog are sure to enjoy exploring together. There is also Woodies Boat Storage and Cafe/Woodman Point Cafe where you can grab a snack or purchase bait and tackle, fuel or store your boat.


Kwinana Dog Beach, Kwinana

Don’t miss the stunning views and the perfect spot for your pooch at Kwinana Beach. Located in a more industrial-style neighbourhood in Perth, your dog can splash around in these shallow waters and have plenty of other dogs to play with. 


Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia.


Shoalwater Beach, Shoalwater

Another beautiful beach in Perth that allows dogs is Shoalwater Beach. With amazing views of Penguin Island, you and your dog can enjoy the view and the water together. There is a designated dog area at the beach, and between that area and the surrounding parks, your dog is sure to get their nature fix. 


Golden Bay Foreshore, Golden Bay

Golden Bay Foreshore is another great place to take your dog. Located in a more residential area, this beach allows dogs, has a playground and picnic area, and there’s also a coffee shop just off the beach, Bru’s House. Don’t miss out on the great Golden Bay views that you get here.

While these beaches are all on the ocean, it is worth noting there are many swimming spots for dogs available along the Swan River that runs through Perth as well. Of course, it also goes without saying to check signage and be respectful of other dogs and their owners while you adventure with your pup. With so many options at your fingertips, treat your dog to a lovely beach day all around Perth.

Plus, read our dog-lover’s guide to Australia for a comprehensive list of beaches and other top spots.


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