The ultimate fishing boats on Hook, Line and Sinker

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After filming popular fishing show Hook, Line and Sinker out of several Fishing Weapons over nearly two decades, it’s no surprise Andrew ‘Harty’ Hart reckons Bar Crusher makes the ultimate fishing boats.


“Every boat is always going to be a compromise, but Bar Crushers tick a lot of boxes: they’re very user friendly with a great performing hull and easy to tow which means you can chase the fish,” Harty says.

“Trying to film a TV show can be difficult, so we need boats that can handle whatever we throw at them and are set up for fishing. Every Bar Crusher performs straight out of the factory – they’re just so easy to use!”

Opening image: Bar Crusher 780HT on Hook, Line and Sinker. Image: supplied.


Andrew ‘Harty’ Hart with a barra. Image: supplied.


A familiar face around Bar Crusher’s Melbourne-based factory, Harty has driven and fished from more Fishing Weapons than just about anyone.

“We’ve had eight or nine Bar Crushers on Hook, Line and Sinker since the mid-2000s in hard top (HT), bow rider (BR) and centre console (XT) configurations. The 730XT was as close as any to the ultimate fishing boat for Australian waters. The fishability was out of this world: very comfortable on big ocean runs and then you had the ability to fish shallow flats,” Harty says.

“Though being an open centre console design, the 730XT wasn’t the most practical boat for my home waters [of Tasmania] in winter.”


A Bar Crusher 730XT on the Great Barrier Reef. Image: supplied.


Safety first

While Harty had the choice of any boat, he said he just couldn’t go past the 780HT for this season of Hook, Line and Sinker.

“We’ve been filming closer to home this season and the current Hook, Line and Sinker boat, the 780HT, is perfect for Tassie – it’s an absolute offshore Fishing Weapon. The ultimate fishing boat should leave you with confidence in any conditions and Bar Crushers feel solid and very safe. They have the smooth riding performance of a deep-V boat, don’t broach, don’t slap and when at rest the water ballast system works really well,” Harty says.

“But I guess the ultimate fishing boat is one that gets you out and back safely. A tough, reliable and safe boat goes a long way to making the ultimate fishing boat. I can guarantee you Bar Crushers are built tough – we’ve even dropped one on the ramp!”

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