9 amazing island festivals around Australia

island festivals

Want some fun in the sun, with good food and excellent vibes?


Check out the top 9 island festivals with some of Australia’s finest views, food and music.


Top island festivals: If you’re an oyster lover, you can’t go past the Straddie Oyster Festival. Credit: Viviana Risage.

Straddie Oyster Festival

Celebrating the local oyster industry, the Straddie Island Oyster Festival is a must-do for seafood lovers. It takes place on North Stradbroke Island on November 23, kicking off at 10am – so don’t be late or you might miss out on the best catches. Although the festival focuses on oysters and other awesome seafood dishes, there’s plenty of live music and market stalls, an oyster shucking competition and mud crab races. It’s a family-friendly event, with clowns to entertain the kids, baby farm animals to pat, and face painting by the locals.


Top island festivals: Enjoy delicious food at Norfolk Island Food Festival.

Norfolk Island Food Festival

The Norfolk Island Food Festival, held annually, celebrates the island’s rich culinary heritage with a delightful array of dishes. Visitors can indulge in freshly caught seafood such as succulent lobster and tender fish, complemented by locally grown produce like sweet potatoes and juicy pineapples, all showcasing the vibrant flavours of this picturesque island. It is held in November each year.


Top island festivals: Once you’ve enjoyed some of the festivities, take a hike and check out the views.

Lord Howe Island Rockfest

The Lord Howe Island Rockfest, held in March, is a vibrant celebration of rock music set against the stunning backdrop of one of Australia’s most picturesque islands. The festival attracts rock bands and artists from across the country, offering attendees a weekend of electrifying performances amidst the island’s pristine beaches and lush landscapes. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy great music while exploring the natural beauty and tranquility of Lord Howe Island.


Top island festivals: Enjoy the breathtaking views of Magnetic Island to exceed your island experience.

Subtropics Festival, Magnetic Island

The Subtropics Festival on Magnetic Island, nestled in the beautiful surrounds of Australia’s Coral Sea, captivates visitors with its unique blend of art, music, and natural splendour. Celebrated every year in September, this event showcases a diverse array of performances from local and international artists against the backdrop of Magnetic Island’s lush subtropical landscape. Festival-goers can immerse themselves in cultural experiences, including interactive art installations, workshops, and live music performances that reflect the island’s laidback yet creative vibe. With its stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere, the Subtropics Festival offers a memorable fusion of artistic expression and tropical allure.

Top island festivals: Enjoy some fast action at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, held at Phillip Island in October, is a premier event on the MotoGP calendar. Renowned for its high-speed action and thrilling races, it attracts motorsport enthusiasts from around the globe. Set against the stunning coastal scenery of Phillip Island, the event combines world-class racing with breathtaking views, offering an unforgettable experience for spectators.


Top island festivals: Get yourself a horse and win some money at the Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival.

Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival

The Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival, held each February, is the highlight of the island’s social and sporting calendar. This esteemed horse racing event offers an exhilarating blend of competitive races, high fashion, and gourmet food. Set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kangaroo Island, it draws a lively crowd seeking both excitement and elegance. With vibrant entertainment and a festive atmosphere, the carnival provides a memorable experience that captures the island’s unique charm and hospitality.

Top island festivals: Enjoy the beautiful views of Keppel Island while jammin to good ole country music.

Country on Keppel

The Country on Keppel Island Festival is a celebration of country music, bringing together British and Australian artists for a harmonious blend of traditional and modern sounds. Set amidst the picturesque Australian landscape, this island festival offers a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts to enjoy spirited performances and cultural exchanges. With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse lineup, the Keppel Festival promises an unforgettable experience for attendees seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of country music traditions.


Top island festivals: Enjoy good vibes at the King Island Festival with an addition of mind blowing food and music.

King Island Festival

The Festival of King Island in Australia is a celebration that encapsulates the island’s unique heritage and community spirit. Held annually on 2-3February, this island festival showcases a rich tapestry of music, surfing, food, and lots of fun. Visitors can indulge in fresh local produce, including delicious seafood, while enjoying performances by talented musicians and artists from across the region. With its warm community atmosphere and emphasis on authentic experiences, the Festival of King Island offers a perfect blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty for all who attend.

Top island festivals: Ready to get your swimming on? Tag along on the Straddie Salute Triathalon Festival for the ultimate swimming experience.

Straddie Salute Triathalon Festival

Ready to take a dive into the ocean? The Straddie Salute Triathalon is back! Embark on one of Australia’s most breathtaking island festival triathlon routes as you swim, cycle, and run through the picturesque Minjerribah on North Stradbroke Island. The Straddie Salute embraces inclusivity and camaraderie, extending a warm invitation to participants of all skill levels. It is dedicated to ensuring everyone can participate, accommodating those with additional needs or specific access requirements.  There are five different events to choose from: Straddie Salute, Straddie Pure, StraddieKidz, Ocean Swim, and Trail Run.

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