Top drops: 8 best places to skydive in Australia

skydive in australia

Australia is a land made to be seen from above. Check our this top ten list of the best places to skydive in Australia.


Strap in, hold your breath and jump – you won’t regret it!

Skydive Experience with Skydive Jurien Bay, Jurien Bay


Jurien Bay, Western Australia

For a stunning coastal view as you descend (not to mention an uber soft landing on the deep sand) consider skydiving over Jurien Bay in Western Australia. Companies in the area offer single, tandem and group dives over the coastal region and once your drop is over there’s plenty to explore on both land and sea. Check our the Turquoise Way Trail or the Drovers National Park if you’re into nature, or go snorkelling and say hello to the local sea lions and other oceanic wildlife!


Image: Cairns Skydive.


Cairns, Queensland

Skydiving over Cairns can offer you a range of visuals depending on where you drop. Close to town, you’ll see the beautiful coastline and the skyline of hills in the distance. Further inland there’s a spectacular view of verdant fields and rich rainforest. Once on the ground again, there are dozens of off-shore adventures and activities to hold your interest, including Great Barrier Reef tours leaving from Cairns and lake or river tours into the woodland. If you’re not yet ready to come back to earth, check out the local Skyrail and its accompanying tours!


Image: Skydive Australia.


Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Wanting a view that’s more green than blue as your descend? Skydives are offered all over Hunter Valley: tandem, group or otherwise. The view as you fall back to earth is green as far as the eye can see and after the excitement of the drop there’s always a glass of wine nearby no matter where you land! Hunter Valley is known for it’s wineries, spa resorts, peaceful gardens and (if you’re not wanting to keep your feet on solid ground after your drop) hot air balloon rides!


Skydive Geronimo over Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Rottnest Island is possibly one of the most beautiful isles off the coast of Western Australia. Not only is it one of the most spectacular aerial views on this list, you’ll also have picture-perfect opportunities when back on the ground. Heard of the quokka? The adorable little creature that poses with you for selfies? You’ll find them here! Along with opportunities for diving, hiking or just passing out on the glorious white sands and looking up at the sky you were just brave enough to fall through!


Skydive 12 Apostles. Image: Tourism Australia.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road winds around an area of Victoria built for nature lovers. Whether you like camping out in peaceful woodlands or zip lining through the trees instead, there’s always something to do along this coastal zone. If you’re more into history and landscape, try the shipwreck coast excursions or visit the 12 Apostles limestone stacks. Many of the majestic land structures in the area can be spotted from the air, so look out for them on your drop and then spend the rest of the day exploring the history of the area, proud in the knowledge that you fell to earth along one of the most glorious treks in Australia.


Image: Coffs Skydivers.


Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

A great dive if you’re here as part of a family get together, Coffs Harbour has something for everyone. Whilst you take on the thrill of a dive, let the kids get their own kicks at the Big Banana Fun Park where water slides are the name of the game. If you’re looking for something quieter to do after your dive, try the North Coast Botanic Garden. For fantastic views that aren’t from the sky, the Sky Pier is a must see, and if all else fails how about swimming with dolphins at the Marine Conservation Park? Whatever your preference, there’s something at Coffs Harbour for everyone, including a spectacular dive with views of both coastland and open sea…


Skydive Mission Beach. Image: Tourism and Events Queensland.


Mission Beach, Queensland

Mission Beach is a truly beautiful dive to make. With rainforest stretching out in-land and the sea an expanse of blue in the other direction, you feel as if you’re on the best edge of the earth. When landed, there are plenty of opportunities in both directions for other things to do with your day including boat tours and beach charters if you’re loving the water, or trails and hikes if you fancy the call of nature. Djiru National Park is a must see for all lovers of greenery.


Image: Skydive Noosa.

Noosa, Queensland

You’ll never see more colours than when you skydive over Noosa. From vibrant green landscapes, to golden coasts and out into the turquoise bays and navy ocean, skydiving in this area is a feast for the eyes! Once back on ground, there’s still more to see too, with guided tours and cruises of the Everglades, wine or brewery tastings and adventures on the water with speed boat rides or jet-skiing. It’s an exciting area with something for everyone, whether you land with an adrenaline rush or a desperate need for a drink!

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