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Every once in a while, life presents us with an opportunity that fuels our passion for high-performance vehicles, and leaves an indelible mark on our memories. Fastrack Experiences is precisely one such opportunity.


It takes place in Sydney, Victoria and South Australia and the famous Bathurst Mount Panorama.

My husband Geoff has always loved the feeling of driving fast, yet I’ve never the chance to drive anything faster than my daily drive – so how excited do you think we both were when I received an invitation to drive and then write about this uniquely Australian thrill experience? I embarked on a journey that ignited my senses and fulfilled a lifetime dream. Let me recount the exhilarating event when we were given the wheel of Fastrack’s new exotic supercars and then jumped into the driver’s seat of a V8 racing car.


Exotic supercars at Fastrack Experiences. Image: supplied.


The prelude to speed

Upon arriving at Sydney Motorsport Park, I was immediately enveloped by the electrifying atmosphere. I have always wondered what it would be like to drive an expensive European sports car knowing I would never be able to afford one myself.  The anticipation built up as we made our way through the entry gate of the Sydney Motorsport Park in Eastern Creek. To make this super easy, the two experiences run on separate circuits at the same time: Supercars on the South and V8s on the North circuit.

My heart rate started to climb when we turned into the first Fastrack pit facility and glimmering in the sunlight were 8 Supercars. A sleek red Ferrari, sporty yellow Lotus and a stunning green Lamborghini, were calling our names.  It was time to indulge in the luxury and finesse of Europe’s finest automotive performance engineering.


Exotic supercars at Fastrack Experiences. Image: supplied.

The symphony of Supercars

The Lamborghini’s aggressive design exuded confidence and sophistication. With its roaring engine and lightning-fast acceleration, it effortlessly conquered the straights and corners. My instructor Mark’s clear directions instilled in me a sense of supremacy, despite being a novice. While I was fully appreciating the car, I pulled back into the pits fully satisfied. The Ferrari, on the other hand, steered in the more experienced hands of Geoff, exemplified elegance and precision. Its responsive handling and harmonious blend of power and grace made it look like it was gliding through the corners, and Geoff soon became one with the machine.

Then to the surprise package, the Lotus. It’s F1 heritage and high power-to-weight ratio iconic track car, making it a favourite on circuit drive days all over the world. This car is seriously great fun. It’s agile and responsive and Geoff, the karting guy, absolutely loved it!

If we had driven back out the gate, we would have had a memory of a lifetime. But we could hear the roar of the V8 racing cars on the adjacent circuit and the lyrics of Freddie Mercury came to mind… “don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball!”


V8 racecar at Fastrack Experiences. Image: supplied.

V8 racing: unleash the beast

 Kitted up in race suits, we had a few laughs posing in the professional photo studio set up in a pit garage. While we looked like racing car drivers, catching a glimpse of these Ford and Holden V8 racing machines racing around turn one at 200 km/hr made me a little scared. It was time to live the dream of being a racing car driver and I felt a surge of energy and purpose coursing through me. The engine roared to life, and with a gentle press of the accelerator, I was propelled forward, managed not to stall it and then I was entered the realm of speed and adrenaline.

I experienced first-hand the precision, speed and handling of a true track-prepared racing car.

I then watched Geoff climb into the new Mustang, a Fastrack engineered car inspired by the latest generation of Supercars. The car hugged the corners with unwavering grip and I’m sure he looked like he was going faster than me, but we’ll check the in-car telemetry that’s on the in-car recording to settle that when we get home.


V8 racecar at Fastrack Experiences. Image: supplied.

Dreams become reality

The symphony of speed, precision, and indescribable emotions, complemented by the expert guidance of the driving instructors and coaches. The cars were easier to drive than I expected. A big shout out to the professional coaches for their knowledge, patience, and passion which was instrumental in making this experience truly unforgettable.

The combination of powerful vehicles, a world-class track, and the expertise of the driving coaches created a day that will forever remain etched in my memory as the epitome of an extraordinary driving adventure.

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