Take to the skies with a scenic flight in Esperance

scenic flight in esperance

Take to the skies and see the best of Esperance from the air on an unforgettable scenic flight.


Traditionally named Kepa Kurl by the local Indigenous people, the Nyungar and Ngadju people, this stunning piece of Western Australia is home to some of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the world, which bloom into a blaze of brilliant colours from June to November. In summer, the beaches sing out an irresistible call to dive into their turquoise waters and explore the variety of sea life below. But regardless of when you visit, the best way to soak it all up is with a scenic flight in Esperance.

Opening image: Aerial View of Lake Hillier with Helispirit Esperance. Image: Tourism Western Australia.

Aerial view of Frenchman Peak, Cape Le Grand National Park. © Tourism Western Australia


Scenic flight to Cape Le Grand – 45 mins

This is an experience worth splashing out on. Ascending high above the Esperance coastline, you’ll discover Cape Le Grand National Park in all its glory. Circle around Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay and Frenchman Peak. If you’re visiting during whale migration season, you’ll be able to spot the gentle giants from above.

This 45-minute scenic flight departs from Esperance Airport and begins by zooming over the township and continues on, following the brilliant white sand beaches and turquoise waters along the rugged coastline.


Aerial view of Twilight Cove, along the Great Ocean Drive. © Tourism Western Australia


Scenic flight to Twilight Bay – 20 mins

Short but sweet, this 20-minute scenic flight in Esperance gives you a taste of the sheer beauty of Esperance from above. Departing from Esperance Airport, your pilot will gently glide around the township and port of Esperance before heading towards the gently rounded granite cliffs of Twilight Bay. You’ll also discover the wide expanse of wind farms in the area and the natural gems of Wylie Bay. Keep an eye out for Lake Spencer, and on the descent, witness the ant-like people wandering out along the jetty in Esperance’s port.


Aerial view of Lake Hillier, Middle Island near Esperance. © Tourism Western Australia

Scenic flight to Lake Hillier – 90 mins

A real treat for travellers, this 90-minute scenic flight covers a whopping 300 kilometres of Western Australia’s gorgeous coastline. With informative commentary throughout the flight, you’ll witness a spellbinding colour palette as you glide over Cape Le Grand National Park, the dazzling pink Lake Hillier, white sandy beaches and jagged cliffs. You’ll discover water so clear that you can see the distinct reefs and sandbars from above.

Seeing Lake Hillier from above is truly remarkable – located on Middle Island out near the Recherche Archipelago, the vividly coloured lake gets its hue from the presence of Dunaliella Salina – a type of green micro-algae found in salt fields.

Once you’ve done your scenic flight in Esperance (and collected a zillion photos as proof), you’ll still have plenty to tick off your must-do list.


Hellfire Bay, near Esperance. © Tourism Western Australia

Enjoy a picnic at Hellfire Bay, tucked in between two rocky headlands. This calm, secluded bay is perfect for a beach picnic and a dip on a hot day. The bay is thought to have been named after St Elmo’s fire – a bluish flame-like electrical discharge that sometimes occurs above a ship’s mast. Here, you’ll find picnic tables, BBQs and large shelters, but the best spot is right on the sand.


© Tourism Western Australia

Take a hike through Cape Le Grand National Park and make your way to Mandooboornup (Frenchman Peak). The summit walk up the eastern slope takes between 1–3 hours to complete, depending on fitness levels. It’s a relatively challenging 3-kilometre return trip that begins in the carpark at the foot of the Peak. Frenchman Peak was named by colonist John Forrest after his brother because its shape was said to resemble a man wearing a Frenchman’s cap, although the true Indigenous name of the peak is Mandooboornup.


© Tourism Western Australia

Go snorkelling at Lucky Bay and discover the vibrant sea life teeming below the water’s surface. This sheltered bay is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving and fishing – lots of people also kayak and SUP here too. When the swell is up, there’s a nice shore break for novice surfers. There’s a great little coffee van to get your morning brew and you’ll be greeted by a handful of friendly kangaroos who hop along the beach throughout the day. The nearby campsite is perfect for those who want to be fully immersed in the natural beauty of this remote and rugged area.

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