8 fish and chips shops in Brisbane that will make your mouth water

Fish and chips are a staple in every Aussie’s diet: Here is our pick of the 8 best fish and chips shops in Brisbane.

Whether exploring the outback inland or frolicking around a coastal town, knowing the right place for a basket of fresh fish is paramount for any seafood lover. 


Delicious and fresh, Sea Fuel is one of the best fish and chips shops in Brisbane.

Sea Fuel 

With “The Best Fish and Chips in Brisbane” as their tagline, Sea Fuel sets the expectations high for their take on the savoury Aussie specialty. And they certainly do not disappoint. With crispy beer batter breading and wonderfully salty chips, the seafood shop has got their dish down to a science. They also boast a menu full of exotic seafood recipes like octopus or Thai salmon fish cakes that will have you coming back for seconds! 


The Fish Factory

Quality and authenticity make The Fish Factory a favourite stop amongst locals for some delicious fish and chips. Using only sustainably sourced fish from their fresh seafood market, your meal is guaranteed to come straight from Aussie waters right to your plate. Their commitment is in serving the broadest selection of seafood around, so after some classic fish and chips, be sure to check out their fantastic range of fresh catches from Queensland mullet to Tasmanian salmon.



The Fishery

Family owned and operated by experienced chef Murray Dalton, The Fishery serves hot baskets of fish and chips 7 days a week–– morning, afternoon and evening. Known for their freshly sourced fish and crunchy chips, the homegrown shop is a hub for locals looking for a tasty bite. The shop also pairs with their local retail market to source fresh fish for their extensive range of appetising seafood.


The Barra Boys

Looking to bask in the sun while enjoying a hefty meal of your favourite seafood cooked to perfection? The Barra Boys is just the place for you. The Greek-inspired shop has open air seating and a unique menu with choices from barbecue octopus to sweet gelato. Have your choice of fish grilled, battered or crumbed, or check out their “Tacklebox” option for an array of seafood like prawns, scallops, calamari and cod, all on one plate.


Placing in the top ten for the Australia's Best Fish and Chips award, Clayfield Sea Markets is one of the best fish and chips shops in Brisbane.
Placing in the top ten for the Australia’s Best Fish and Chips award, Clayfield Sea Markets is one of the best fish and chips shops in Brisbane.

Clayfield Sea Markets

Finishing in the Top 10 nationally for Australia’s Best Fish and Chips Award, Clayfield Sea Markets is the place to be for good food made from scratch. All seafood is delivered from the Aussie ocean six days a week and filleted on-site for a consistently fresh taste in every single bite. 


Manly Boathouse

Relaxing while looking out to a beautiful view of the sea is pretty great. You know what makes it even better? An expansive menu of expertly crafted seafood dishes right at your fingertips – and Manly Boathouse has both. With a delightful, bougie atmosphere, blue and white striped umbrellas, and a wraparound view of Moreton Bay, just being in the boathouse is an experience in itself. In addition to their to-die-for fish and chips, they have spectacular dinner platters like scallop risotto or your choice of freshly caught market fish. Also, be sure to try the full in-house bar, specifically the very long list of wines. 


One Fish Two Fish

Housed inside a quaint old building in Kangaroo Point, One Fish Two Fish also has a slightly posh and cosy atmosphere. But don’t be fooled – they pack a punch when it comes time to fire up the grill and deliver a traditional Aussie fish and chips. Choose from cod, sand whiting, red emperor, or salmon and don’t forget to pair it with their zingy coleslaw, tangy tartar sauce and classic beer battered chips.


Doug’s Seafood Cafe

Doug’s Seafood Cafe is a staple for Moreton Bay residents, and it’s easy to see why. On top of being a family owned business, pet friendly, and open 7 days a week, they are also known for their significantly large portion sizes. They have a great array of fresh fish choices, but if you’re looking for something new opt for their catch of the day to spice up your fish and chips experience!

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