Experience a piece of paradise in Dixon’s Creek with Tiny Away

Tiny Away

Two Tiny Away houses in the Yarra Valley offer a relaxing escape for those after a secluded stay with spectacular views, world-class wineries right on the doorstep, and wonderful sunrises.


Opening image: Outlook and interior of ‘A Dam Good View’. Image: supplied. 


Vicki’s Tiny Away home ‘A Dam Good View.’ Image: supplied.


A Dam Good View

Dixons Creek in the Yarra Valley is an easy one-hour drive from Melbourne through rolling hills, vineyards and verdant countryside. Here, Vicki Lloyd Smith hosts two Tiny Away houses on her property. 

Vicki added the first house called ‘A Dam Good View’ three years ago after hearing about Tiny Away from a friend, and when it proved to be popular, she added a second – ‘An Unforgettable View’. She now manages the properties full-time and has never looked back.  

“I was a dog groomer before this venture, so I was always out grooming early in the morning and getting home late at night,” Vicki says. “Now, I work from home: that’s the biggest benefit, as well as meeting nice people and building friendships along the way.”

The tiny houses are both a comfortable 155 square feet with access to water, split air conditioning, a kitchenette, cooking equipment and eco-friendly bathroom facilities. They also have stunning views over the valley, easily enjoyed with a glass of vino.

“I think the views are the biggest drawcard for most people,” says Vicki. “And each tiny house has a different aspect, so they both have a different feel. And one of the things people say is that the houses are exactly as they appear in the photos.” 

To add another layer of character and fun to the experience, Vicki’s property is also a rescue farm with 26 animals currently in residence, including six donkeys, two dogs, a cat, three ducks, several chickens and roosters, three sheep and a one-eyed horse named Rosie.

Vicki is incredibly passionate about providing a loving home for these rescued animals, and guests are able to tour the farm as well as feed and interact with them, creating memorable experiences that many see as the highlight of their stay. 


Vicki’s property is a rescue farm, hosting 26 animals that guests are able to feed and interact with. Image: supplied.


Wining and dining

Yarra Valley is famous for its wineries and wedding venues, and there is an abundance of notable cellar doors right on Vicki’s doorstep.

“You can walk to some of them, or we offer bikes for our guests,” says Vicki. “We’re right next door to Fin Wines and across the road from De Bortoli’s. Fergusson’s is at our back door and so is Corniola, Mandela Wines and Immerse in the Valley. Mandela also does a fantastic limoncello.” 

There are plenty of wonderful places to eat nearby, including the historic Yarra Glen Hotel, and the local farmer’s markets on the first Sunday of every month. 

Nature experiences also abound, with Kinglake National Park and Mt Saint Leonard full of opportunities for scenic walks, rock climbing, bike riding and more.  

“It’s great for people who want to be away from everything and enjoy the peace and tranquility,” says Vicki. 

As well as city dwellers looking for a country escape, Vicki also regularly hosts international travellers from countries such as China and India. Her tiny houses are also popular with Aussies attending weddings who are looking for a secluded weekend stay in the area. 

And overall, what’s Vicki’s secret to happy guests?

“Treating people the same way you’d like to be treated,” she says. “It’s the key to life really, isn’t it?”

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