Go cycling in Orange for a stunning ride in the country

cycling in orange

Are you seeking an exhilarating cycling adventure? Look no further than the captivating Orange region; whether you’re a seasoned racer, an avid mountain biker, or simply enjoy leisurely rides, cycling in Orange won’t disappoint. 


The Orange villages bicycle trail is incredibly popular and will give you plenty of natural beauty and diverse terrain.

Opening image: Heifer Station, Orange. Image: Destination NSW.


Cyclists. Image: Newcrest Orange Challenge.



Orange to Molong 

You’ll love riding through the breathtaking high country of Mount Canobolas on the first leg of this ride. You’ll see the stunning rural landscape of the Central West slopes as you make your way towards the town of Molong. On your journey, you’ll come across around nine kilometres of scenic unsealed roads, as well as 45 kilometres of smooth surfaces.

It’s recommended you use gravel or hybrid bikes, with tyres above 32mm in width. In terms of difficulty, this ride is rated as a two on a scale out of nine; the “vigorous” category at the upper end of the easy scale.


Sun rising over the countryside in Cowra.



Molong to Cargo 

The most popular route covers around 70km of cycling – there’s a mix of gravel and sealed roads.  Along the way, you can explore Molong, Manildra, Cudal, and Cargo. You’ll see plenty of farms on your journey; sheep, cows and alpacas, along with canola crops in spring. The views towards Mount Canobolas are simply beautiful.

Due to the 25.5km of unsealed road surfaces and 43.5km of sealed roads, it’s recommended you use gravel and hybrid bikes. Most people tend to choose tyres above 32mm. This ride has been rated three on a scale out of nine or a “tough gig.” 

The scenic countryside in Cowra. Image: Destination NSW.

Cargo to Cowra

We’re told this is a nice ride, with the route starting at the foothills of Mount Canobolas and the fertile river flats of the Lachlan River. The views back towards Mount Canobolas are quite spectacular. The route consists of around 60km of sealed road and seven km of unsealed road surfaces.  Gravel and hybrid bikes are recommended, with most cyclists choosing tyres above 32mm. This route has been given a three on a scale out of nine, meaning it’s a “tough gig.”


Resident llama at Word of Mouth Wines, Canobolas. Image: Destination NSW.


Cowra to Neville 

This is said to be a challenging route but we’re told it’s worth the effort. The most popular route consists of 83km of back country cycling on both sealed and gravel roads.  You’ll see plenty of farm life on your way, as well as stunning views over Wyangala Dam. Towards the final stage of the journey, you’ll be blessed with the awe-inspiring views of Mount Canobolas and Mount Macquarie. 

This is not a ride for anyone who doesn’t like hard work – it has been rated a five on a scale out of nine, which translates to “punishing.”


Cyclists. Image: Newcrest Orange Challenge.

Neville, Barry and Carcoar

This is another popular route, connecting the charming towns of Neville, Barry, and Carcoar. 

Most cyclists ride between Neville and Barry, before riding the short distance during a pleasurable downhill ride to Carcoar, where you’ll enjoy exploring the historic village. It’s the third oldest town west of the Blue Mountains and is known for good food and great hospitality.

At 30km, the distance isn’t too great and the route is perfectly suited for those riding gravel and hybrid bikes, with the majority of riders opting for tyres above 32mm. Rated as a two on a scale out of nine, this ride falls under the “vigorous” category.  It’s worth noting that the presence of a wind farm means there might occasionally be windy conditions in the area.  


Baked cakes at Old Mill Cafe & Bakery, Millthorpe. Image: Destination NSW.



Carcoar, Millthorpe and Orange

Locals rave about this scenic ride from Carcoar to the heritage listed village of Millthorpe which is known as a great base to explore the local wineries.  On the way, you’ll pass some beautiful scenery, plenty of farm animals and, of course, the views towards Mount Macquarie and Mount Canobolas.

Once you’ve treated yourself to lunch in one of Millthorpe’s fine pubs you can ride to the vibrant city of Orange which really is a foodie’s delight. 

Gravel and hybrid bikes are recommended for this journey, with cyclists choosing tyres above 32mm.  It might be a pleasant journey but it’s not exactly an easy one as it is rated as three on a scale out of nine, which translates to a “tough gig.” Happy cycling! 


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