Taste Vietnamese street food at the Blue Buffalo Cafe, Laurieton

blue buffalo cafe

In the charming coastal town of Laurieton on the NSW Mid North Coast, the Blue Buffalo Cafe is causing quite a stir among locals and travellers alike.


Meet Miss Diu, the chef behind the Blue Buffalo Cafe, where the flavours of Vietnam come to life in the most unexpected ways.

Opening image: Miss Diu cooking on the beach at Laurieton. Image: supplied.


Miss Diu with fresh prawns. Image: supplied.



From Vietnam, with love

Miss Diu’s journey began in the lush landscapes of Long Khanh in South Vietnam. Raised on her father’s cashew farm, she developed a deep appreciation for fresh ingredients and authentic flavours from a young age. Her passion for cooking led her to Vung Tau, where she honed her skills at the College of Tourism Cooking.

In 2015, Miss Diu and her partner Brett Matthews opened the Blue Corner restaurant, which 18 months later became the number one restaurant in Vung Tau. But Miss Diu’s dreams stretched beyond the borders of Vietnam, and they sold the restaurant to set off for Australia.

They opened the Blue Buffalo Cafe in Laurieton in 2019, and a couple of years later were joined by Miss Diu’s children, who now help out in the restaurant. Linh is a second year apprentice to her mother and attends Port Macquarie Tafe, while Lan has just finished Year 12.


The famous chilli mud crab. Image: supplied.


Street food sensation

The Blue Buffalo Cafe isn’t your typical dining establishment: it’s a vibrant celebration of Vietnamese street food culture. As you approach the restaurant, the tempting aromas of Vietnamese cooking and cheerful chatter beckon you inside.

With streetside seating, diners can feast on an array of authentic Vietnamese delights. From banh mi and crispy banh xeo (a rice flour pancake), to local chilli mud crab and fragrant pho that takes three days to cook, each dish is crafted with love from fresh Australian produce.

Sip on a refreshing coconut shake, traditional Vietnamese coffee or freshly squeezed juice from the juice bar – a favourite with the locals! Other popular dishes are chao tom, tender minced prawns moulded around a sugar cane stick and deep fried, and bun thit nuong, a delicious rice noodle salad with succulent barbecue pork or tofu that Miss Diu describes as “love in a bowl.”

There are plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options as well, and all dishes are available for takeaway using recycled paper, sugar cane mulch and fresh banana leaves.


Locals enjoying delicious street food. Image: supplied.


Small town success

What truly sets the Blue Buffalo Café apart is its sense of community. Miss Diu and her children are very popular in Laurieton and pride themselves on their friendly, welcoming service. Miss Diu also loves the natural beauty of the area, with North Brother Mountain, the beaches and the beautiful Camden Haven River.

And it’s not just the locals who have taken notice. Travellers from far afield flock to the Blue Buffalo, drawn by its reputation for exceptional food and hospitality.

Open seven days a week for lunch, and dinner three nights a week, the restaurant has become a foodie destination in its own right, putting Laurieton on the culinary map.

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Travel to Laurieton

Rex flies to Port Macquarie, and from there it is a short 30 minute drive to Laurieton. Book your flights here and check out the route map below.

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