10 of the most delicious yum cha restaurants in Australia

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Catch a trolley cart or check off your favourites a la carte! 

Yum cha, also known as dim sum or zǎo chá, is a traditionally Cantonese meal for the morning or early afternoon, consisting of tea and bamboo steamers with small appetiser portions of food. Perfect for a weekend catch-up with friends or a family gathering, come to these places around Australia to have a fabulous time chatting away while you share baskets of carefully-made, delicious yum cha. 



Palace Chinese Restaurant 

Come in early to beat the lines at this popular yum cha destination in Sydney. With a reputation as one of the best in the Asian food haven of Sydney, Palace Chinese has sensational har gow prawn dumplings and a myriad of yum cha offerings. Take a seat for the classic carts serving up 80 different varieties of steamed, fried, and baked goodness to choose from. 



Royal Treasure Seafood Restaurant 

Aptly named, Royal Treasure is a treasure trove of delicious traditional Cantonese yum cha dishes. Located in Burwood, this local hotspot has all the iconic dim sum favourites— a variety of dumplings, har gow, siu mai, turnip cake, and more. 



Zilver Restaurant

Zilver in Sydney’s Chinatown has both traditional and innovative dishes suited for a special contemporary Cantonese dining experience. They boast amazing flavour for all of their menu and notably delicious egg tarts. 



Landmark Restaurant

Landmark in Sunnybank and Chermside is a firm favourite for Brisbane locals. This amazing, authentic yum cha restaurant has over 400 seats and has become a Brisbane landmark in its own right. Watch out for their renowned Peking duck, a juicy roast duck with crispy skin and tender meat.


Ding Hao

Hot and fresh dim sum comes around on the classic carts at Ding Hao in Adelaide. With great staples and a festive atmosphere, Ding Hao is one of the best yum cha spots to swing by in Adelaide, and they’re open daily!


Dragon Palace

Dragon Palace has been delighting customers in Perth since 1999 with their fine Cantonese yum cha. Their traditional yum cha is served all day long, and they do the classics like steamed spare ribs and chicken feet so right. Stay for their karaoke rooms as well!


Crystal Jade Restaurant

Crystal Jade is one of the top favourites for dim sum in Melbourne’s Chinatown, serving reliable and tasty dishes with fresh ingredients. Order exactly what you want to your heart’s content by ticking off your selections on a menu list. Your favourite choices will come right out the kitchen for the perfect yum cha spread. 



Shark Fin Inn

This long-standing Melbourne yum cha place has been charming generations of restaurant-goers since the 80’s. There’s no wonder Shark Fin Inn has been loved for so long with its beautifully classic Cantonese yum cha done to perfection. 



Golden Dragon Palace

Touted as one of the best yum cha restaurants in Melbourne, Golden Dragon Palace consistently wows guests and locals with their amazing dim sum. If the huge venue and dazzling ornate interior design doesn’t blow you away, their dumplings, buns, and mango desserts certainly will. 



Oriental Teahouse

Oriental Teahouse in Melbourne is beloved for its world-class modern Chinese teahouse experience. Inspired from Shanghainese water village recipes, Oriental Teahouse’s menu hosts dumplings and deliciousness all day and all night. Try out their signature chocolate Wonka dumplings!


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