10 of our favourite family experiences in Hobart

family experiences in hobart

Family experiences in Hobart are up there with some of the best in Australia.


Hobart is filled with sandstone architectural masterpieces, a rich history fuelled by the harbour influence of being port side, as well as a buzzing entertainment and lifestyle hub. Any trip to Hobart almost guarantees some type of event is on. Whether it’s live music at the museum or a band playing at the Salamanca, Hobart has you covered. On top of all that, it’s home to a complex amount of native wildlife and natural phenomena. It’s an adventure you can enjoy as a family.

Opening image: City of Hobart and Alastair Bett.


kunanyi/Mount Wellington


The summit and viewing platform atop kunanyi/Mt Wellington. © Luke Tscharke


Pack your woolly jumpers! The summit of kunanyi/Mount Wellington in Hobart is usually cold with spectacular views of the city. Families can drive up to the summit which reaches 1,270 above sea level and takes approximately 30 minutes. There is an indoor and outdoor viewing platform on the summit so depending on the weather, you can always admire the view.


Zoodoo Zoo


Keeper talks, interactive activities, and the opportunity to view some seriously interesting animals is always a fun experience for the kids. From the African savannah to pouched parents, treetop dwellers and peculiar predators – Zoodoo Zoo has representative animals from all over the world.


Hobart experiences the Aurora Australis


Aurora Australis is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. © Simon Kruit


In the dark and away from any source of artificial light, you might have the chance to see the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis. Ideally, you should head away from any light pollution so, away from cities. Make sure you do your research on the weather before heading out as you will only see the lights in perfect conditions.


The Octopus Tree


Hobart’s most famous tree. © Luke Tscharke


Located in Wellington Park is the weird and wacky, Octopus Tree. The roots are thick and entangle with each other (just like an Octopus). On an easy and enjoyable hike with the kids – the tree can be found on Circle Track which is approximately 1.1 kilometres, follow the signs, you can’t miss it.


Museum of Old and New Art


The ferry that takes visitors to MONA is wonderfully exciting for families in its own right. © Mona and Jesse Hunniford


Mona is eleven kilometres north of Hobart. Families can catch a ferry ride to the museum which is an enjoyable experience. Upon arrival, there are several stairs at the jetty and no access from the jetty for mobility aids, so it’s better to visit via land in this case.

MONA is a world-class museum, there are exhibitions and events held all year round there. Visiting with your family is easy, explorative and one of the not-to-be-missed Hobart experiences.


Salamanca Market


Sailors and deckhands would gather here in the earlier days of Hobart. The modern version is still a place for people to gather, eat and experience creativity in all forms. Located within Salamanca Market are three sections you need to explore: the market, the arts centre and Kelly’s steps, an architectural landmark for Hobart.


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary


The Australian fur seal is found from the coast of NSW, down around Tasmania to Victoria and South Australia. It is the most common seal in Tasmanian waters. © Wing Yin Ng


Bonorong means native companion in the Aboriginal language, and the sanctuary has plenty of animals hanging around. Take your children for a wander through the wildlife park where families can see the famous Tasmanian Devil.

Tasmania, however, is home to many more Aussie animals that are unique to only us. You can see koalas, wombats, echidnas, emus, quolls, platypus and more! The keepers at Bonorong helps injured animals and re-introduce them back to the wild once mended. Hobart has a diverse range of native wildlife that thrives in the environment and water of the River Derwent, unfortunately, they’re often injured through human influence.


Evolo Room Escape


Real-life immersive adventures are found in the Evolo room. It will test the limits of the family as you solve a series of puzzles, challenges, and tasks to escape the room in the time frame given. It’s a perfect family building exercise that will have you smiling from ear to ear if you complete the mission successfully.




An indoor trampoline park in Hobart will have your kids bouncing from the walls. Thousands of children converge to the trampoline filled adventure park for an epic day out. Practising their flips and tricks around the entire course as it’s all padded. There is also a three-storey playground and rock-climbing walls for hours of entertainment.


Hobart Convict Penitentiary


Built in the early 1830s, the Penitentiary is the site of many crime and punishment stories. It’s a spooky day out and one of the best Hobart experiences that will teach families all about our past. There are courtrooms to explore alongside underground tunnels, prison cells and more which each have a unique story behind them. Whether from how and why they were built or who stayed there, Hobart’s Convict Penitentiary is a tour you don’t often get to experience.

These family experiences in Hobart are just the beginning for those seeking fun during the holidays. For more awesome Aussie adventure ideas, click here.


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