Reach new heights with these terrific treetop adventures

Aussie adventurers have gravitated towards the natural beauty of the bush for years.


Now, they’ve created incredible experiences for people of all ages up in the trees. Here are the top zip lines and treetop adventures in Australia to satisfy your inner adventurer.


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Hollybank Treetop Adventures, Underwood TAS

High above the pine trees of Hollybank Forest hangs an unforgettable, award-winning zip lining and treetop ropes course. Spend time working your way through Tasmania’s first treetop high ropes course. Then, when you’ve built up the courage, soar over the forest floor with nothing but a harness. This might be the best way to get over a fear of heights; gliding above the pine trees.



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Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, Knights Hill NSW

For those of you with a desperate fear of heights, Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures could easily be your worst nightmare. Or perhaps the perfect opportunity to get over a fear… Boasting the highest zipline tour in Australia, Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures is a unique wilderness experience that takes you zipping above the Illawarra rainforest.

Visitors can choose between an easy 1.5km treetop walk more than 20 meters above the ground, or spend their time on the more thrilling zipline, offering up something to satisfy adventurers of all ages.



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Jungle Surfing and Day/Night Walks in Daintree Rainforest, Diwan QLD

Hidden deep within the world’s oldest surviving rainforest, an exhilirating treetop adventure is there to tempt those with even the slightest incling to adrenaline. The Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours are the best way to explore the rainforest. You’ll fly past cascading streams that wind all the way out to the Great barrier Reef. You

For a slightly more low-key adventure, join a Day or Night Walk with an expert guide. Here, you’ll spot mysterious Daintree wildlife and learn how to identify the plants that surround them.


Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome, Cairns QLD

Looking for something to do with the family in Cairns after hitting the great Barrier Reef? Look no further than Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome; the world’s first rope challenge course located inside a wildlife park. Visitors have a couple of options to suit their adventure levels. The Mid-Zoom course is a simple walk among the treetops with the hundreds of birds in the Dome. The Hi-Zoom course, on the other hand, is a complicated zip lining experience that will take you directly over Goliath, the 4.1m estuarine crocodile.



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Tree Tops Western Sydney, Plough & Harrow NSW

Nothing can prepare you for the insanity that is the world’s fastest roller coaster zipline. Less than an hour from Sydney’s CBD, the Tree Tops Crazy Rider Xpress is a rare thrill for adrenaline junkies. Serving up 360 degree loops and heart-jolting drops, the Crazy Rider Xpress will leave you desperate for one more ride (or to never ride the damned thing again).

For a more tame adventure, the park also has a series of high ropes courses with Tarzan swings, tightropes and zip lines. The surrounding parklands are great for a post-adventure picnic.


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Tahune Airwalk, Geeveston TAS

A must see in southern Tasmania, the Tahune Airwalk allows you to stroll through the tree canopy and soak up panoramic views over the gorgeous Huon River Valley. The 600-metre platform is sturdy enough so that even those with a fear of heights might be coaxed onto it.

Choose between navigating the thrilling swinging bridges or opt for the more tranquil Huon Pine walk to spend time appreciating Australia’s oldest living trees. Walk right to the end of the trail where the Huon and Picton Rivers meet for a truly breathtaking view.


O’Reilly’s Treetop Walk, O’Reilly QLD

Nine suspension bridges comprise this treetop walk in the Lamington Ranges. It was the first of its kind in Australia, built in 1987, and remains a crowd favourite. Measuring more than 180 meters and floating 16 meters above the ground, this tree-top walk places visitors directly in the rainforest canopy. Pop onto one of the easily accessible observation decks to fully enjoy the rainforest and the flora and fauna that inhabit it.


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The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Denmark WA

Set within Western Australia’s Walpole-Nornalup National, the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk offers up incredible views with minimum environmental impact. Surrounded by giant eucalyptus trees found only in Western Australia, (some are more than 400 years old!),  the tree top walk offers a unique perspective into the Walpole WIlderness. Take a peaceful walk over 40 meters above the ground and appreciate the unique dense bush around you.



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Tree Climb, Adelaide SA

Serving up a truly unique experience, Tree Climb in Adelaide is Australia’s first inner-city aerial adventure park. It aims to challenge the daring and encourage the hesitant. The park has eight elevated tree top courses which are divided into four levels of difficulty. The zip lines and swinging obstacles run through Kurrangga Park, where spectators can watch and cheer from below. It’s perfect for kids birthdays and surprisingly popular for corporate parties and team-bonding sessions as well.


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Mamu Tropical Skywalk, Innisfail QLD

Take a stroll above the world-heritage listed Wooroonooran National Park on the elevated walkways at Mamu Tropical Skywalk. An popular tourist spot, the Skywalk features more than 1200 metres of walking tracks through through the biggest remaining continuous strands of compound vine forest on basalt soils in the Wet Tropics. If you’re feeling brave, climb up one of the 37-metre watch towers. You’ll be rewarded with an exceptional view of the rainforest.


For incredible views without the sense of danger, check out these lookouts a little closer to the ground.

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