Keen for kitties: 11 cool cat cafes right across Australia

cat cafes

Cosy up with a fluffy, friendly feline and enjoy a coffee at one of these cat cafes in Australia.


Popularised in Japan, cat cafes are the perfect escape from a rainy day and also a great place to get close and relax amongst these low-key creatures. If the cats are feeling playful, you’ll also have a fantastic time playing with them. You’ll also get to enjoy a drink and some food knowing that these cafes partner with organisations and rescues to ensure they stay well taken care of in a safe space. Cat cafes also have the purpose of offering adoption, so the cats can find a home with the right loving family.




Catmosphere is Sydney’s original cat cafe and offers a whole plethora of feline experiences. They partner with two rescue groups, the World League for Protection of Animals and Kitten University, working to find homes for displaced cats and nursing young, orphaned kittens to rehome them when they are healthy and old enough. Catmosphere has several spaces: the Cat Lounge for adult cats, the Treehouse for junior cats, and Kittyland for adorable kittens. What’s more, they also offer Catflix and Cat Yoga, which is exactly what it sounds like, movie time with cats sprawled on your lap, and a whole yoga session surrounded by meowing, mood-boosting cats.



Yumiao Cat Cafe

With a quality selection of drinks ranging from Mocopan coffee to fruit teas, Yumiao Cat Cafe is the biggest cat cafe in Sydney with its bright, airy spaces where their cute rescue cats are free to roam. The cats are handpicked by the owners of Yumiao based on how comfortable they are with humans and other cats, as well as most of them being older cats to provide them a safe environment to extend their lives. Yumiao also offers a BYOC Bring Your Own Cat service, where you can bring your own cat in for some socialisation after approval and checkup.



Pokemeow Cafe

This space in Sydney is the first ornamental cat cafe and playground, with a separate eating section and adjoining room with the cats. The cafe side has quite an extensive menu with brunch eats and fantastic coffee. You can enjoy your meal while watching the kitties through the glass wall, and then head over to the playground to play with them afterwards. Pokemeow also has an attached shop that sells pet items, as well as a grooming service for furry critters of all kinds.



Cashmere Cat Cafe

Cashmere Cat Cafe, located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, has a spacious area of over 160 square metres as a “cat-filled paradise” for the animal lover in Australia. Housing over 25 cats and kittens, Cashmere Cat Cafe carefully vets their felines, selected and slowly introduced to each other to ensure a purr-fectly friendly, relaxed, and calm environment for all of them. There’s no shortage of cute, soft cats to pet and play with at this cat cafe. With such an abundance of space, the cats are provided with lots of enrichment so they’ll be happy napping away or chasing after a toy as you snap some photos.



Cat Cafe Melbourne

Opening back in 2014, Cat Cafe Melbourne is known as the first cat cafe in all of Australia. The cafe is split over two floors, with the ground floor being their cat lounge, where the cats hang out and relax, and the first floor being their cafe lounge, where patrons can enjoy delicious drinks and a bite while interacting with the adorable cats. The cats are able to move freely between the two floors by using a unique internal staircase. With most of their cats coming from rescue shelters, Cat Cafe Melbourne works with non-profit organisations to fulfil their belief in giving animals from shelters a second chance and loving home.  



Grounded​​ Paws

Grounded Paws Cat Cafe in Traralgon, Victoria, has a charming Alice in Wonderland theme and the cutest cats and kittens— all available for adoption if you find a special connection with any of their lovable felines. They’re also a not-for-profit rescue group called Grounded Paws Animal Rescue, working with animal pounds to take in impounded animals on death row and ensure they’ll have a second chance. Their dedication to the cause means that the space is warm and comfy so the cats will feel love. Grab a cuppa and a snack and soak in the atmosphere of this wonderful cat haven!



Crazy Cat Cafe

If you’re not one for surfing or swimming, head into Crazy Cat Cafe in the Gold Coast, right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Not only a refuge for kitties and humans alike, Crazy Cat Cafe also serves award winning coffee, ice cold drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and delicious food. Their cafe and balcony is separate from the cat lounge area where the cats reside, but you’ll be able to bring your food and snacks with you to cat paradise. Cuddle and snuggle with these friendly cats and check out the kitty related goods after your session.



Lucky Cat Cafe

Vegan treats and sweet kitties are a staple at this Brisbane cat cafe. Lucky Cat Cafe is the place to go in Queensland if you’re looking for some furry company, whether because you don’t have a feline friend of your own or are away from home. Watch Lucky Cat Cafe’s beautiful cats laze around and relax along with them as a break from the work and hustle of daily life. The front of the venue also has a variety of cute cat accessories, homeware, and jewellery available for purchase.



The Cat Cafe Purrth

WA’s answer to the cat cafe is this gem of a location in Perth— The Cat Cafe Purrth. This lovely spot is a sanctuary with thirteen gorgeous cats where you can sip on some coffee and eat a slice of cake while you spend time with these feline companions. The Cat Cafe Purrth offers several different ticket experiences, unique and special for all age groups. They have origami with cats, board games with cats, colouring with cats, and a 30 minute lunch break session perfect for those looking to destress from work. Don’t miss out on their exclusive cat-themed gifts crafted specially in their upstairs workshop!



Sassy’s Cat Cafe and Adoption Centre

Sassy’s Cat Cafe and Adoption Centre in Adelaide works with the local SA Cat Rescue to help cats and kittens to be rehomed, as well as providing a safe and friendly environment where their cats can get familiarised with human interaction. Look no further for an indoor activity for your kid, as they have a variety of special events for kids and school holidays, perfect for the animal lovers. For the cat enthusiast adults out there, Sassy’s also has high tea and yoga with cats.



Hobart Cat Cafe

Don’t miss out on the kitty action in Tasmania because Hobart Cat Cafe is the region’s premiere cat cafe, and also the first cat cafe in Australia to be granted permission to run a full commercial kitchen. Hobart Cat Cafe boasts fresh and delicious home style food, with a focus on gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options and using locally sourced coffee, tea, bread, milk, and eggs. Their cat room is modelled as a family friendly free-ranging space with books, games, toys, a happy space that can encourage exploration and relaxation in equal measure.


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