Crescendo: a spectacle of sparkling beauties


Nina’s Jewellery, Australia’s premier coloured diamond specialists, recently unveiled the jaw-dropping Crescendo exhibition – a celebration of rare and exquisite Argyle Pink Diamonds. And the best part? You can try them on.


This free exhibition, open all summer in Dunsborough WA, promises an immersive experience with a stunning collection of exquisite pieces, each adorned with the rarest of gems – Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Valued at a staggering $1.7 million, Crescendo comprises ten extraordinary pieces meticulously crafted over 575 production hours by Nina’s master jewellers. Ranging from $78,000 to $285,000, these treasures boast a collective total of 840 diamonds. 

These pieces are not just jewellery; they are works of art that showcase Nina’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Opening image: The Avalon Argyle pink diamond marquise halo ring. Credit: Sum Effect.


The Eden Argyle pink diamond removable halo stud earrings. Credit: Sum Effect.


Make a statement

Crescendo unfolds as a narrative, each piece telling a unique story of Western Australian heritage and the unmatched beauty of Argyle Pink Diamonds. 

The Paradisa, an intense pink diamond creation, captures attention with its triple halo and hidden surprises, while The Elation, a modern masterpiece, took an astonishing 65 hours to craft, featuring over a carat of pear-cut white diamonds and a 5PR Argyle Pink Diamond hero-stone.

The exhibition culminates in the Nina’s Sovereign, a two-ring spectacle that serves as the pinnacle of the Crescendo collection. Set with a 0.46-carat radiant-cut Argyle Pink Diamond, this extravaganza comes with a perfectly fitting, interlocking “jacket” bursting with white and rose gold curlicues adorned with Argyle pink and white diamonds.

What sets Crescendo apart is the inclusivity of the experience. Visitors are actively encouraged to not only look but also to touch and try on these extraordinary pieces, some valued at close to $300,000.


The Adoration Argyle pink diamond pear halo pendant. Credit: Sum Effect.

A historical showcase

Founded in 1966 as Djaaru Gems, Nina’s Jewellery has been at the forefront of handcrafting exquisite diamond jewellery with a unique Western Australian character for over 50 years. As one of only a handful of Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Ateliers in the world, Nina’s specialises in Australia’s own pink, red, blue, and violet Argyle Diamonds.

The rarity of Argyle Pink Diamonds, especially following the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine in 2020, makes Crescendo not just a jewellery exhibition but a historical showcase. 

In addition to the Crescendo collection, Nina’s also offers a diverse range of coloured diamonds, including shades of orange, yellow, green, and champagne in their ever-changing collection. 

For those seeking an unforgettable encounter with these exceptional jewels, the Crescendo exhibition at Nina’s Jewellery promises an unparalleled journey into the heart of elegance and luxury.

Can’t get to Dunsborough? Experience the magic of Crescendo for yourself online at the digital Crescendo exhibition here. Phone: +1800 878 997 | Email:


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