4 oyster experiences in Ceduna: Australia’s seafood frontier

On the golden shores of Murat Bay is the beach town of Ceduna – Australia’s oyster capital.


With its sandy coves and salty waters, this little town is a popular destination for tourists looking to lounge next to a crystal-blue ocean while enjoying the most delicious oysters in the country. Dive in and explore the most authentic oyster experiences in Ceduna to get the most out of our gorgeous southern coast. 


Ceduna Oyster Barn is one of the most authentic oyster experiences in Ceduna.

Ceduna Oyster Barn


A true testament to fresh food done right, Ceduna Oyster Barn is a family-owned success story to warm anyone’s heart. The little vintage-esque shop situated on Ceduna’s main drag has a commitment to only the freshest oysters, shucking new oysters straight from the ocean every single day. The small business was started by Mongolian chef Suvi Selenge, whose dream was to one day own her own company. Working tirelessly behind the scenes shucking over 600 oysters a day, Selenge took her dream above and beyond, as the shop is now a popular tourist destination and a fan favourite amongst locals. With rooftop seating, beautiful ocean views and an expansive menu including Asian cuisine and wood-stove pizzas, the Oyster Barn has become the place to be for any oyster needs and the heart of Ceduna.


Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel Bistro


Exuding comfort, luxury and relaxation, Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel Bistro has set the bar high when it comes to blending memorable experiences with high quality cuisine. Watch the sun set over white sandy beaches and picturesque piers while dining on your top choice from their multicultural menu. Their team of chefs span three nationalities and pride themselves on creating the most innovative combinations, like the delicious pumpkin and mozzarella arancini with aioliI. In addition to their locally sourced oysters and diverse seafood, the seaside stop offers sweet treats, coffee drinks and a fully stocked bottle shop so you can indulge in all of your vacation cravings. 


Check out one of the most anticipated festivals in all of Southern Australia while visiting Ceduna.

Ceduna OysterFest


If you find yourself in Ceduna in October, the famous Oysterfest is the most sought-after stop for world-class oysters and good old-fashioned fun. The festival celebrates Ceduna’s success and abundance in agriculture and sources oysters straight from the surrounding farms in Smoky Bay and Denial Bay. Explore any oyster specialty cuisine you can think of or participate in a live cooking demonstration. The highly-anticipated annual festival also features an array of live entertainment, from bands, to stunt performances, to lively public competitions.


oyster experiences in Ceduna
Touring oyster farms is one of the best oyster experiences in Ceduna.

SA Premium Oyster Farm Tours


Truly a hay day for devoted oyster lovers, Smoky Bay farms offers the most comprehensive oyster exploration experience on the southern coast. Located about thirty minutes from Ceduna, the tiny town of Smoky Bay harbours huge oyster farms which contribute to nearly 30 per cent of all oyster sales in South Australia. Family-owned-and-operated since 1990, SA Premium Oysters takes guests on a unique tour around a bustling oyster farm. Learn more about the complete process while exploring the processing shed or view the actual oyster beds atop a dining platform right in the middle of the bay, all while tasting the absolute freshest oysters possible. Don’t miss the opportunity to shuck the oysters yourself while enjoying a sunset picnic over the ocean.

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