Exploring the hidden gem of Cameron Corner

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Cameron Corner is a geographical wonder where three Australian states meet: Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. Located at the intersection of these borders, it holds the distinction of being one of the nation’s most isolated areas. 


Imagine being where the rugged Barrier and Grey Ranges carve an awe-inspiring path, bound by the Queensland border to the north and South Australian border to the west.

With the Simpson Strzelecki Deserts to the west and the Bulloo overflow in the northeast, Cameron Corner is a diverse and stunning landscape. 

The journey to Cameron Corner is an adventure in itself. Travelling from Tibooburra, you’ll see the Waka Claypan, a flood plain which stretches as far as the eye can see, creating a surreal spectacle. As you continue your journey, you’ll see Fort Grey, a historic provisions stockade erected by explorer Charles Sturt during his inland expeditions. As you approach Cameron Corner, a remarkable sight greets you—the Dog Fence, the longest fence in the world, protecting sheep from the dingoes.  

Cameron Corner holds a rich historical significance. Named after John Brewer Cameron, an early explorer who spent two years surveying the region during 1880-1882, Cameron marked the border between NSW and Queensland. He also erected a sign post there to mark its intersection with the border of South Australia.

Opening image: Survey post, Cameron Corner, Sturt National Park, Outback NSW. Image: Destination NSW.


Here are our top tips for things to do in Cameron Corner


Sign welcoming visitors to the country town of Tibooburra. Image: Destination NSW.



For adventure enthusiasts

Take yourself on a four-wheel-drive expedition across the rugged terrain, exploring hidden tracks. Take a guided tour to discover ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and gain insight into the cultural significance of the area. Camping under the star-studded outback sky is an experience not to be missed. 


Kangaroos in the outback in Sturt National Park, Tibooburra. Image: Destination NSW.


Wildlife encounters

Keep an eye out for kangaroos, emus, and other native animals that roam freely across the vast plains. The early morning or late afternoon hours offer the best chances of spotting the wildlife. 


Dingo Fence, desert landscape, Sturt National Park, Outback NSW. Image: Destination NSW.



Explore the dog fence

This iconic structure stretches over 5,600 kilometres across Australia, serving as a barrier to protect livestock from the dingoes. Take a moment to appreciate the engineering marvel of this fence and learn about its significance in preserving the region’s ecology. 


Distance signs on display at Camerons Corner in Far West NSW. Image: Destination NSW.


Discover the Corner Store

A visit to Cameron Corner wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the iconic Corner Store. This small outpost serves as a gathering place for locals and travellers alike. Step inside and you’ll find a charming selection of outback essentials, souvenirs, snacks and drinks. No doubt you’ll pick up some inside knowledge from those working behind the counter. 


Spectacular sunsets

Prepare to be mesmerised as you witness the beautiful sunsets that grace the skies of Cameron Corner. As the sun begins its descent, the vast outback landscape is bathed in hues of gold, orange, and pink, creating a surreal and captivating scene. Make sure you bring your best camera.


National Park and Wildlife Services information sign at Jump Up Loop Road, Sturt National Park, Tibooburra. Image: Destination NSW.


Bushwalking and nature trails

Explore the rugged terrain of Cameron Corner on foot by treating yourself to a day exploring bushwalking and nature trails. Follow the footsteps of early explorers and experience the untamed wilderness up close. Take a guided hike through the stunning gorges, discover hidden waterholes, and see all the unique flora and fauna that thrive in this arid environment. 


Wild flowers in the desert landscape at Sturt National Park, Tibooburra. Image: Destination NSW.

Cultural experiences

Engage with the rich cultural heritage of the region and join guided tours led by local guides who’ll share the stories, traditions, and art of the First Nations  people who have called this land home for thousands of years. You’ll gain valuable insights into their deep connection with the land, learn about traditional hunting and gathering techniques. These cultural experiences offer a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Aboriginal culture that is an integral part of Cameron Corner’s identity.


Mob of emus at Sturt National Park, Tibooburra. Image: Destination NSW.


Relaxation and reflection

Best of all, Cameron Corner provides a perfect setting for relaxation and reflection – we can’t think of many other ways to escape the stress of the city life than being in a beautiful, remote location. Set up a picnic in a picturesque spot, while you soak in the beauty of nature. The peaceful atmosphere of Cameron Corner creates an incredible environment to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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Travel to Cameron Corner

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