Top spots to experience the natural beauty of Albany

natural beauty of albany

Albany, known for its whaling and ANZAC history, is home to unforgettable nature experiences and some of the most tranquil parks and beaches in Western Australia.


The natural beauty of Albany is an unforgettable experience everyone should have.

Established as the first European settlement in Western Australia, Albany sits on the southernmost tip of WA, and is 4.5 hours from Perth. The city has more than 40 registered aboriginal heritage sites and the Indigenous history dates back more than 25,000 years.

Sadly, back in 1914, more than 30,000 Australian and NewZealand ANZAC troops gathered in Albany before leaving for Egypt and then Gallipoli, where they landed on 25 April 1915. Many never returned home and many returned home wounded.

Albany was chosen as the departure point because not only was it an important coaling and watering port, it also could safely shelter the 38 troopships and escorting warships, giving the ANZACS the chance to head off in convoy together. For so many soldiers, Albany was the last part of Australia they ever saw.

The area is also (again, sadly) well known for its history as a whaling empire, and while in town you should visit Albany’s historic whaling station as it’s a stark reminder of how whales were once treated. The Cheynes Beach Whaling Company was the last whaling company to cease operations in Australia, closing in 1978. Opening in 1980 (known then as Whale World), it is now home to an interactive museum on whales and whaling.

Albany’s sheltered waters and vast nature reserves protect some of Australia’s most rare and endangered species of plants and animals, and most notably, Albany is home to Gilbert’s potoroo – a marsupial resembling a mouse mixed with a wombat, that was once considered extinct.

Opening image: Aerial view of Albany’s Historic Whaling Station at Discovery Bay, Albany. Tourism WA.


Aerial view of The Gap, Torndirrup National Park. Image: Tourism WA.


Torndirrup National Park- The Gap and Natural Bridge


Getting outdoors in this region means ticking off some of the big bucket list places such as  Torndirrup National Park. Located on the land of the Menang people, the park is a 20-minute drive from the middle of Albany, and is home to some of the most spectacular land formations created by the sea, and awesome views of the Southern Ocean to boot.

The Gap is a famous chasm between two rock formations, allowing visitors to see the natural beauty of Albany and feel the force of the thundering ocean waves below as they crash into the cliffs. The path leading to the Gap protects the local flora and fauna such as cut-leaf banksia, andersonia, and welcome swallows.

The grand viewing platform jutting out some ten meters from the cliff face, 40 meters above the sea, allows visitors to capture perfect instagramable pictures of the natural beauty of Albany featuring gorgeous turquoise sea on a still day, the crazy power of Mother Nature on days when the wind is roaring and the seas are churning.

The location also features Natural Bridge, which (as its name suggests) was carved out due to centuries of erosion. The bridge offers views of one of Australia’s most stunningly exposed coastlines with craggy cliffs spanning off into the distance.

If you’re visiting during the months of May to September, look out for humpback, blue, sperm, and gray beaked whales migrating along the coast far below.

The National Park also has a picnic area, a car park, and it is wheelchair accessible.

Albany wind farm. Image: Tourism WA.


Albany Wind Farm


Albany wind farm is another must-see location that will make you feel dwarfed compared to natural beauty of the vast landscape of one of the largest wind farms in Australia.

Only 12 kilometres from Albany, this area is home to 18 giant wind turbines that produce nearly 80 per cent of Albany’s energy needs.

Park your vehicle at the car pack located at the beginning of the boardwalk path and head out to the wooden trail. While walking the trail look out for signage along the way describing the benefits and history of the wind farming. Then head down the stairs to The Sand Patch Coastal Platform to experience all the natural beauty of Albany this area has to offer. The platform offers visitors a coastal viewpoint that would otherwise be desolate.

The wind farm is also a fantastic site to spot whales between the months of May and October. And for amazing photos, visit this area in the evening to catch cotton candy skies at sunset.

Next to the coastal platform lies the Bibbulmun track, which is one of the world’s longest walking trails. The best time to step out to experience the wind farm and the track is in autumn or spring, when wildflower season is in full bloom.


Aerial view of Little Beach, Albany. Image: Tourism WA.


Two People’s Bay


Traveler’s traversing Albany during April and May should head to Two Peoples Bay Nature Preserve. This amazing nature experience is only 35 kilometres from Albany and offers animal lovers the opportunity to see the rarest marsupial in the world – our little Gilbert’s Potoroo.

This adorable creature was thought to be extinct until rediscovered at Two Peoples Bay in 1994. The area is also home to several endangered species such as Noisy Scrub-birds and a variety of cockatoos.

Two Peoples Bay is also on Aboriginal land, however it was bestowed with its name in 1803 when a French vessel manned by Captain Baudin met Captain Pedleton, who was manning an American whaling ship. Thus, the name represents the coming together of nations.

Visitors can hike amongst New England Peppermint woodlands while listening to the songs of the highly territorial male Noisy Scrub-birds in autumn, or walk along the trails to Little Beach – an instagram-famous location known for its fantastic view of the natural beauty of Albany, featuring white sands and turquoise waters. The protected bay is a great area to go for a dip or a snorkel. Across from Little beach is a breathtaking view of the natural beauty, Mount Many Peaks.

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