12 dog-friendly beaches in Tasmania to explore with your pup

Tasmania is rich in natural beauty, with rugged coastlines, stunning beaches and beautiful reserves to explore. Who better to adventure with than your pooch?


Don’t miss these 12 dog-friendly beaches in Tasmania for you to experience with your furry friend.




Adams Beach, Bridport

Explore the fiery stones of Adams Beach with your pooch. This off-leash shoreline looks out into Spring Bay near several conservation areas. This is a great place to spend some time with your dog for beautiful views.


Penna Beach, Penna

Northeast of Hobart is Penna Beach. It’s a great place for you and your pets to take in the scenery amongst the dune grasses and sandy shore.


Mickeys Beach, Eggs and Bacon Bay

Southwest of Hobart is Mickeys Beach. Mickeys Beach is a dog-friendly nature reserve that overlooks Randalls Bay. With walking tracks and picturesque views, this is a spot you and your dog won’t want to miss.


Lymington Dog Park, Lymington

Not far from Mickeys Beach is Lymington Dog Park. This dog park is a great stop to enjoy the water with your pup. Despite the bush next to it not being dog friendly, make sure you enjoy this stretch of waterfront and check out nearby Drip Beach as well.


Don’t miss any of these great dog-friendly beaches in Tasmania.


Hawley Beach

Similar to Adams Beach, Hawley Beach is a great place to picnic with your pooch. With the large red rocks along the shore and amenities available, this beach is an ideal place to spend time with loved ones. Swim, kayak or walk, and make the most of your day at Hawley Beach.


Freers Beach, Shearwater

South of Hawley Beach in Shearwater is Freers Beach. Look out over Port Sorrell while you explore this coastline, on the sand or on the Foreshore Walk. While dogs are required to be leashed during certain times on the beach, there are some off-leash areas along the walk to look out for.


Buttons Beach, Ulverstone

Check out the sandy expanse of Buttons Beach. With a lot of space to explore and a section that welcomes the dogs, join in the fun at this spot. There is a lot to be experienced surrounding the beach as well, including several parks and a dog-friendly cafe, Beach Hut Coffee.


Denison Beach, Douglas River

Located near the Douglas-Apsley National Park is Denison Beach, this secluded white sand beach is sure to impress and provide a fun experience for you and your pooch.


Seven Mile beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Australia.

Seven Mile Beach

Right next to Hobart International Airport is the seven miles of sandy shoreline that gives Seven Mile Beach its name. Enjoy the vast beach with your pup as you explore the coastline along Tiger Head Bay.


Beaumaris Beach, Beaumaris

Another secluded beach to enjoy with your dog is Beaumaris Beach. With other beaches, nature reserves and even some campsites nearby, you and your pooch can get your fill of nature here. However, this is a prominent bird nesting site, so be mindful of the bird population while visiting.


Randalls Bay Beach, Randalls Bay

Next to Mickeys Beach is Randalls Bay Beach. Great for children and dogs alike, this little beach offers fun for the whole family. There’s several walking tracks available if you venture from the beach itself, including one that will take you to the nearby Mickeys Beach or in the other direction is the Echo Sugarloaf Walking Track through Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve.


Marion Beach, Marion Bay

Marion Beach offers a great stretch of shoreline that is perfect for a nice walk or swim. The northern part of the beach is dog friendly and it is surrounded by many other beaches and nature reserves as well.

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